So it all comes down to this. After weeks of flogging teapots to the French, pitching offensive magazines to pensioners and
They are the northern versions of reality smash hits The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea. But the Liverpool-based "scripted
Lord Sugar was so disgusted by the equally dismal performances put in by both sides of The Apprentice that he slapped a £100 fine on Natasha's team, though that may actually have just been a punishment for her repeated use of the word "operationally".
The Model Agency's Carole White has blasted Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. She says the show - launched on Sky Living
The 23-year-old singer has apparently been approached to take part in the show, and would be joining a panel that is tipped
Described as both 'Big Brother without walls' and 'like glossy commercials for depersonalisation disorder,' the vagazzle surrounding shoe-string-budget reality soaps, The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea, is a social phenomenon in itself.
Award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern has branded The Only Way Is Essex "the biggest suicide note in British TV history". Jimmy
The Only Way Is Essex's Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope have announced their split just weeks after getting matching nose jobs
2000 years on, the "circuses"remain an effective tool for keeping the hoi polloi suitably distracted. The scripts have remained much the same, although the current batch go as far as creating an illusory sense of democracy, with the democratic narrative of reality TV voting proving far more popular than that of any genuine leadership election.
One question I am consistently asked with the release of my first novel is, "Where did you get the idea for it from?" The "it" being referred to here is the book's central plot; specifically, the protagonist's solution to solve his money woes by tattooing a condemned prisoner with corporate logos and putting said prisoner's execution on pay-per-view television