This rollercoaster of a day was reflected neatly by the undulations in the price of sterling on the money markets: when a
Five things you need to know about May's two-year plan.
1. OTHER THERESA “There is no Mayism!” She got that right, alright. The PM’s irritated riposte, at the launch of her ill
DUP refuse deal with Labour as Corbyn an ‘IRA cheerleader’
DUP refuse deal with Labour as Corbyn an 'IRA cheerleader'
Theresa May is set to stay on as Prime Minister under a deal with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to keep
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a disaffected people in possession of a dysfunctional government must be in want of an alternative. A lame government is a dead government. Not in Northern Ireland. Naomi Long said ahead of the election, "The public will not forget the time squandered in delay, deadlock and division."
Russia is not merely a menace to Ukraine and its own people, but to the rest of Europe and to international norms. That is not a parallel with Ireland or Britain.
It's a good job Forrest Reid didn't write to be famous. Almost seventy years after his death, his novels gather dust in libraries: unthumbed and unadmired. Highly thought of by friends like E.M. Forster and Walter de la Mare during his lifetime, the Ulster writer has since fallen into obscurity. Until now, that is.