unidentified flying objects

UFOs are by very definition impossible to define, we have no idea what they are. Just because something is called a 'UFO
New footage purporting to show a UFO being filmed from a plane window over London is doing the rounds. It was posted to YouTube
The skies of London appear to be teeming with unidentified flying objects lately – just check out this video. The footage
UPDATE March Of The Little Green Men: Another UFO Spotted Over London (VIDEO) Time to speculate wildly – a “strange” UFO
A passenger plane in Glasgow has reported a near-miss with a UFO. A report by the UK Airprox Board revealed that a startled
For ten years, speculation has raged over the origins of the mummified remains of this six-inch “space alien” discovered
Is it a UFO? A high-flying hubcap? A bad Photoshop job? Whatever it is, it was apparently photographed hovering above the
A passenger has photographed what appears to be a UFO from the window of an aeroplane. The disc-shaped object is seen above
The skies above Britain are visited by at least one UFO a month, the head of UK Air Traffic Control has admitted. Speaking
This video of a ‘new UFO sighting’ was sent into Huffington Post UK, offering ‘evidence’ of different life forms spotted