University of Bristol

A coroner is considering the case of Natasha Abrahart, a 20-year-old physics scholar who died in April.
Exclusive: Figures show growing demand for support that cannot be explained by increased student numbers alone.
Natasha Abrahart was just 20 when she died suddenly in April.
The University of Bristol is offering students a course on the science of happiness. The classes will encourage students to explore actions and thought processes which can increase one’s sense of happiness.
Bosses hope new system will encourage more "proactive" support.
Analysis of policies shows vast difference in approach to data protection.
Eleven students have died at Bristol since 2016. Friends of Justin Cheng, who killed himself in January, share their story – and say more could have been done to help him.
The family of Natasha Abrahart say she did not get support for her mental health problems.
There have been 11 deaths in 2 years, prompting questions over the care available to vulnerable students.