University of Bristol

Labour says row over University of Bristol's David Miller shows education secretary has failed to protect students.
One dentistry professor believes we should be cleaning our teeth more often as a preventative measure against coronavirus.
Thousands of people are expected to descend on the city centre on Friday morning.
She will lead a two-year research project on Bristol’s – and the university’s – relationship with the transatlantic slave trade.
Some students will be forced to travel more than 30 miles to lectures.
The university's new suicide prevention scheme involves contacting parents when there are concerns for a student's mental health.
Inventor Richard Browning showcased the Gravity Jet suit in London. The flight lasted for about a minute before the three pilots returned to land. The suits are powered by five mini jet engines and use up so much fuel that flying time is limited. Browning wants to see the jet suits used in racing events and, with the help of PhD students at the University of Bristol, he wants to develop an electric version of the suit.
Natasha Abrahart was the tenth of 12 students to take their own life at the University of Bristol since October 2016.
The university has seen 12 suspected student suicides since 2016.
500ft fatal fall on New Year’s Day is second death on Britain’s highest peak in recent weeks.