Vincent van Gogh

We are all familiar with the tragic story: Vincent Van Gogh killed himself, penniless, as he struggled with the lack of appreciation
A teenager has inspired thousands of people by creating a stunning piece of art on her leg when she was tempted to self-harm
Art is an essential part of our lives. Every person has their own complex opinions on it. In my experience, learning to react to it in a mature, nuanced way can have a powerful impact on how you interact with the world. Dislike is an underrated, yet crucial part of developing a sophisticated perspective.
(Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images) The ear has been created using living cells from the great-great-grandson
Look familiar? Illuminating Banksy's The Balloon Girl These incredible re-imaginings of famous artworks are created entirely
When we look upon beautiful works made by the hands of men, we may be swept off in their purity, the directness of vision that turned ideas into masterpieces. In doing so, we are quick to forget that no man - even the brightest, most inspired among us - creates entirely in isolation.
I am so torn between my old love and my new one. They are both low key, food and wine centred, disinterested in show or pretence in any way. In the end I think I can cope with two Maastricht Sjieks in my life. It is not a betrayal after all.
YouTuber and domino enthusiast 'Flippycat' has done it again. And by 'it', we mean 'create a spectacular domino run' and
Artists have the ability to create beautiful things. How is it, then, that when it comes to portraying themselves on canvas