'The school system doesn't pursue tapping into individuals' natural abilities,' says Nicky Verd, and education should equip us to earn a living 'in the real world'.
Glynnis MacNicol’s new memoir explores what it’s like to be a woman whose life has “officially become the wrong answer” to the question of what made it worth living.
'Categorising same-sex attraction as a foreign concept and a form of neo-colonialism serves as a major obstacle to LGBTI rights on the continent.'
Each one is special and beautiful inside and out and each one is totally different to the other
'Leaders will need to effectively spearhead change-management strategies to adjust the workplace.'
'If we delve deeper into the seemingly widening gap between human interaction and artificial intellect, our key will be emotional intelligence.'
A professor of language technology explains why we shouldn't be tying ourselves in knots over 'correct' borrowed language prefixes...
'Youth activism is critical in this challenging era, when Africa is both the youngest continent and the poorest.'
'We are not short of shared passions in Nigeria around which we can unite in the way we do around football.'
'The recent study is an excellent example of how statistically significant differences and real-world differences can be miles apart.'