A woman seen wearing the mask insisted that she is "not a Nazi" and that she was making a political statement.
The company, which is one of the US's largest retailers of guns and ammunition, is turning its focus to video games – a popular Republican Party talking point after mass shootings.
Gilbert Serna ushered customers and colleagues to safety after a gunman opened fire at his Walmart store.
Three suspects in the El Paso shooting reportedly have been taken into custody.
The woman went viral for opening the container, licking its contents, then tossing it back into a store freezer in Texas.
One of Walmart’s old buildings has become a symbol of the most ruthless inclinations of an increasingly authoritarian federal government.
“They are bullies with badges.” – Diante Yarber’s sister on the cops who shot and killed her brother in a Walmart parking lot.
“The real world took another step toward its slow and sure conversion to The Handmaid’s Tale this week,” a Vogue editor responded.
The retail giant said it’s making changes to its gun sale policies “in light of recent events.”