The British Army has reportedly taken delivery of a missile which can stay aloft for six hours before hitting a moving target
Moves by Iran to stop sending oil to the UK and France have pushed the price of crude to a nine month high, meaning more
In a stylish corner of London, a stone's throw from Fortnum & Mason, Cartier and Louis Vuitton, lies a collection of rifles, revolvers, bullets and hand grenades. But this isn't a police warehouse, an army storage unit or even a street gang's secret cache - it's an exhibition by a Mozambican sculptor who turns weapons into works of art.
Drones guided by thought control raise the possibility of machines instead of men being blamed for military accidents and
Two German men are still being questioned by investigators after sparking a security alert which temporarily shut one of
Girls are being used as weapons in disputes between rival gangs, Home Secretary Theresa May has said. Mrs May said girls
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Brad Pitt's new film is going ahead as planned despite more than 100 prop weapons being seized by customs
Education for its own sake is a cause which students have shown they are willing to fight for; they will continue to resist the reorientation of universities towards the needs of arms companies.
A tank that hides in front of your eyes is the star of the show at Defence and Security Equipment International, the arms
Despite the continuing scarcity of food, justice and medicine for most Somalis, some things have got far, far cheaper. They are guns. And those guns are the key to understanding the circular absurdity of the Somali tragedy.