Want to sound like a pro at the bar? Order a whisky. The deep, golden and well-matured liquid is having a moment; cooler
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When you’ve been distilling whisky on a remote Scottish Island for over two hundred years, you’re certainly used to a little
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We realise that headline might not be relevant to everyone, but then when you're talking about a subject as divisive as whisky
Japanese whisky distillery Suntory has unveiled an all-new location where it'll start ageing its finest whiskies: Outer space
The production plant's glass-fronted still room houses eight copper pot stills, with tulip shapes used for the wash stills and onion shapes used for the spirit stills, replicating those used at the Imperial Distillery. In a departure from distillery tradition, the stills are arranged in a circular pattern, which gives an unusual feeling of spaciousness in the still room.
Here's your chance to win five bottles of Chivas engraved with a personal message of your choice. Chivas 18 is meticulously
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When 'Mad Men's Don Draper reaches for the bottle in his desk drawer, you know the chasm between his public persona and private
Johnnie Walker might be one of the oldest whisky brands, but that hasn't stopped it from trying to reinvent the way we drink
Suntory whisky hired Japanese advertising agency TBWAHakuhodo to come up with a new campaign and as you can see from the
When you think of great whisky, what instantly springs to mind? We'd wager you weren't thinking about Taiwan. But, funnily