Police in Papua New Guinea are investigating reports a teenage girl beheaded her father after he raped her. The 18-year-old
A State Senate candidate’s imaginative past has caught up with her after comments she reportedly made claiming Harry Potter
This year is the Witch Trial's 400th anniversary. To this day, the county still capitalises on the legend of the witches and their trials, demonstrating yet again the lucrative nature of witchcraft. Of course, there is a rumour that circulates the area - the witches still haunt the buildings and villages.
So remember, a black cat is for life, not just for Halloween. Forget the occult tosh; these mogs just want to be loved and looked after, and occasionally puke on your soft furnishings. Meow it loud, they're black and they're proud - and you should give one a home.
There are a number of 'culturally sensitive' human rights issues that the government hasn't got to grips with yet, and as a result people will continue to be murdered, raped and shipped to other countries, in the name of tradition and preserving family honour.
We've seen the troubling issue of violence against children accused of witchcraft back in the headlines this week, as the UK Government launches an action plan to tackle it.
An action plan to tackle faith-based child abuse has been launched by the government to dispel the "wall of silence" after
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Teachers in Cornwall have been told by the Church of England to celebrate all Cornish beliefs in school, including "exploring
Former EastEnders favourite Lacey Turner is returning to TV as an immaculately dressed witch in a new ITV2 drama. Switch