The ailing animal was found in a forest outside of Melbourne and named Baarack by rescuers
Alpaca fibres are sorted and classified by their thickness and colour, by hand. This process can never be mechanised because the variable characteristics of the fibre can only be identified by experienced hands and eyes.
Last week, I was at Somerset House, where the finals of Woolmark's menswear design competition took place as part of Men's Fashion Week. I had a bloodied "lamb" in tow to show people what's wrong with wearing wool. Everything about the production of wool is objectionable, especially the shearing process which often leaves sheep battered and bloodied...
I have yet to find a cold weather solution that works clothes or activity wise and so, I feel, I must move somewhere warm where I can bake my leathery vellum dermis on slow burn all day in just a pair of pants. I need, frankly, to let it all hang out.
Police have arrested a man for attempted murder after a fuel tanker smashed into a bungalow in Dorset and set it ablaze as