World War II

"We all have multiple identities," says Tony Parsons when I ask him whether he feels more of an Englishman or a Londoner, "but I certainly feel like I'm both. But I also feel British.
The Queen opened a £7m memorial to the members of Bomber Command who served and died during the Second World War on Thursday
Alan Turing is a name with which a great many people are familiar, but probably not enough. A highly accomplished mathematician, codebreaker and computer scientist, he has been hailed as a pioneer and hero in the fields of modern computing and sexual politics.
I am not a fast reader. So the fact that I finished all five books in David Downing's John Russell series in just over three weeks means that a) Zoo Station (book one) hooked me on the first page b) I made more time to read fiction that at any point in the past five years of get up-research-write-parent-go to bed-repeat c) Downing is a master of plot, characterisation and pace.
As the US celebrates Memorial Day , a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives in service for the nation, let’s
A Holocaust survivor who escaped from a Second World War labour camp has won a literary prize for a novel inspired by his
A bit of background This emotional journey will revisit the stories of my Uncle Joe once again. I hope you will enjoy them
Who cares whose fault it is? I sense that I'm with the majority when I feel a deep irritation that the people whom we rely on to get us on the road to recovery continually conduct a post mortem over what went wrong.
So it happened. I can tick one of my musical aims for 2012 off the list. It's number three - possibly the most important, definitely the wettest (see what I did there?)
Europe’s cities have been defined by their turbulent history, but it’s difficult to imagine what life was like when you’re