World War II

A maths teacher accused of harassing his German neighbours by playing wartime classics and performing Nazi salutes claims
A bit of background This emotional journey will revisit the stories of my Uncle Joe once again. I hope you will enjoy them
A bit of background This emotional journey will take in the stories of my Uncle Joe. I hope you will enjoy reading his letters
The grim question if, how or when Tehran's nuclear armament could be thwarted by using force is on the minds of insiders and observers in the free world. Gradually the theory that an end in terror is preferable to terror without end is gaining the upper hand.
A publication of photographs featuring the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp during 1944 and today has gone on sale at the memorial
Hitler had a son with a teenage French girl, new evidence claims to prove. The shocking revelations that Adolf Hitler had
Publishing publicists are keen for authors to have as high a public profile as possible (as are plenty of authors themselves.) As this New York Times article demonstrates beautifully, this cult of self promotion isn't exactly a new phenomenon. But what about the drawbacks of this style-over-substance approach when it comes to reading the books themselves.
A durable tin of World War II lard was declared edible by German pensioner Hans Feldmeier, more than 64 years after he received
British-based German comedian Paco Erhard, is taking his 5-Step Guide to Being German show to the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne
On 4 August last year, President Obama announced a bold step to allow the United States government to respond quickly to instances of potential mass atrocities and genocide. As we approach Holocaust Memorial Day, I wanted to take a closer look at how the US approach could be replicated here.