Yvonne Fletcher

The family of murdered police officer Yvonne Fletcher have said they are “deeply disappointed and frustrated” a suspect will
Scotland Yard has arrested a Libyan man in his 50s for conspiring to murder PC Yvonne Fletcher 31 years ago. PC Fletcher
British police investigating the Lockerbie bombing are to visit Libya, it was disclosed on Thursday. David Cameron announced
A man deported from Britain after the killing of Pc Yvonne Fletcher is now looking for political asylum in the UK. Saleh
Libya's former head of intelligence holds the key to solving the murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher, the Libyan prime
Libya has moved to rebuild diplomatic links after Yvonne Fletcher's murder Her killer is thought to have been smuggled out
The decision to send a British police team to Libya to continue the investigation into the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher
A Metropolitan Police team is to fly to Libya to continue an investigation into the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, David
Muammar Gaddafi has taken unanswered questions about the Lockerbie bombing and the murder of WPc Yvonne Fletcher with him
Gaddafi's demise marks the end of a 42 year rule of a dysfunctional brutal regime that ruled by fear, torture and executions. Its mismanagement of the economy brought ruin to Libya and impoverished the Libyan people despite the huge oil and gas wealth.
Yvonne was shot dead in broad daylight whilst trying to police a protest outside of the Libyan Embassy 27 years ago. Criminals, terrorists and murderers have to know that no matter how long after the crime, the truth will catch up with them.
PRESS ASSOCIATION - Prime Minister David Cameron has said the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher is a reminder of the "horrors
Negotiations are underway between Whitehall and Libya’s National Transitional Council to allow British police to travel to
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- William Hague has played down suggestions that the new Libyan government will block fresh efforts to
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Eyewitness reports from the day a policewoman was shot dead at the Libyan embassy in London have shed
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The killer of British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher could be brought to justice as Muammar Gaddafi's grip
Gaddafi and his henchmen must not be allowed to escape unpunished. It would be a betrayal of the Libyan people and the relatives of the thousands of victims.