17/02/2014 07:10 GMT | Updated 16/04/2014 06:59 BST

Training for Dummies

The average number of beginners drop outs at a gym could be as high as 30 - 50%. Although the majority of drop out clients would contribute this to lack of time, the truth probably lies with the fact that their exercise routine does not give them results. Should they have had been getting great results and started to shape like a Calvin Klein underwear model, chances are, they would have made the time!

So what is that's holding them back? Success is the residue of good planning. A good plan needs an achievable goal and proper guidance to get there. This is no different from being an athlete. A sprinter, who would expect to win a race, would follow a suitable training and nutrition plan until the big day arrives.

Unfortunately most beginners do not always know their goals they are after or, more often, they are too embarrassed to reveal them. But if you want to have Jennifer Lopez's derrière, don't tell your trainer your goal is to get toned. Say, I want to have a bum to die for! Believe me, he or she is more vain than you are!

So, here are some tips for making a beginners' training successful.

Tip number one: You must know your goal! Hire a personal trainer, even if this is just for an assessment and define your goal whether this is building up your strength, improving your endurance, increasing your size, losing weight, etc. Get them to give you a plan. The type of exercises, the intensity as well as the number of sets and reps will vary depending on your goal. Your goal must also be specific (i.e. I want to lose 5lbs in 2 weeks). This will help you stay focused.

Tip number two: Always monitor your progress. Don't shy from taking before and after photos and measurements. They are a great encouragement for continuing your journey every time you meet your goal.

Tip number three: Have a holistic approach to fitness. Nutrition and supplementation go hand in hand with training. Again, think what an athlete and his/hers coach would do. Don't expect to see great progress if your alcohol intake exceeds that of water. If your trainer or your gym does not touch on this, move on because you are wasting your time!

Tip number four: Train like no one is looking. A fitness centre can be intimidating for most beginners. Most of the time, no one cares what you're up to in your daily workout so they really are not watching.

Tip number five: Do not limit yourself to cardio. After 30 we start losing weight at approximately 5% per decade (not just in our biceps but also our organs) so building muscle through resistance training is a must!