07/07/2015 16:22 BST | Updated 07/07/2016 06:59 BST

The Third Metric

A lot has happened in the last year. I knew that to pick back up on this blog it would have to serve a greater purpose. And I was scared how to start it.

Last night on YouTube I watched Arianna Huffington give an especially brave and honest speech at the Wisdom 2.0 Conference on what she calls the Third Metric which you can view it here. She counts the first and second metrics of success in our civilization as Money and Power. She is calling for a redefining of what we identify as "success" in the shape of the third metric. There is not yet a single word to attribute to the Third Metric but it is built on pillars of wellness, wisdom, wonder, and giving.

Arianna says the most controversial movement of 2014 was not CEOs and celebrities admitting homosexuality or addiction but the admission of practicing meditation. Eww. Meditation? Sounds best left to hippy-dippy Californians who clearly lack any goals in life. Or even if one can subscribe to the health benefits of mediation who has the time?

As a person whose life has been transformed by meditation, I love the 'time' excuse. If you can't find 20 minutes a day to meditate then you need two hours to meditate. I empathize; I was very busy most of my life running in circles. It certainly took up all my time and, interesting enough, never seemed to break.

What happened you ask? Well, I'm someone who had a bit of a second awakening late Spring of last year (first awakening was a dozen years ago, age 20). Like the first awakening and many awakenings before and to come after my time, it was born out of pain. Nobody died, I wasn't destitute, I wasn't terminally ill. But I was quite unhappy with the state of my life - and had been for many years. A great truth dawned on me after watching a personal idol (Natalie Massenet) give a speech at the Vogue Festival in London on YouTube (YT is the nuclei of my life, more on that later). I highly recommend watching it here. In order for my life to change, I had to change. Sorry guys, that is just the way it works. You change than everything around you changes not the other way around.

Like many great entrepreneurs and leaders Natalie accredits visualization (a form of meditation) with to her success. I picked it up. I was grasping for a fundamental shift in my thinking/being. Around this time I came up with what's best described as 'The Big Idea' otherwise known as DSC - Digital Shopping Channel. DSC is like QVC for Millennials. We launch beta this month in the states, I own a 100% and we have a pre-rev valuation of $15million. A year ago some people thought it was too big of an undertaking to even try.

I'm not in the position of Natalie or Arianna to speak about the keys to success, and am humbled in my wishes to ever reach that level. The funny thing about meditation or visualisation and all that it brings to your life is that you are blessed with a deep knowing and trust in what is and what is to come. If I can let go of a life guided by anxiety and fear for a life guided by an awareness and peace then anyone can. All you want to do when you discover this way of life, rather this omnipresent oneness, is share it. That's why you can't get the likes of Russell Simmons to Jerry Seinfeld to shut up about meditation. By nature, the discovering that we are all interconnected and infinitely powerful beings means you want to empower everyone to create their best life.

The universe is constantly creating and as part of it that is what we are meant to do. That's why it feels so good. As I create along with a pool of very talented co-creators (designers, directors, talent, techies, artists) I will be sharing the journey with the hope to inspire others to do the same. Join along on our mission of "Let's Make People Happy"

I am a work-in-progress on Metric #1 and Metric #2 but having achieved Metric #3 I'm feeling good about the other two.