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First Time Busy Mums Guide to a Baby: Week Two

The baby was more awake then asleep and more active than before. A few days of adjustment and luckily for me the umbilical cord stump fell off. That meant I could start bathing the baby.

And it started. Just when I got comfy with my little treasure's routine, well sort of, a few hours of sleep, an hour or so of feeding, talking, changing nappies and back to sleep, I've realised the baby wanted more!

While my baby was looking around and producing the most amusing facial expressions, I was yet again sleep-deprived.

The baby was more awake then asleep and more active than before. A few days of adjustment and luckily for me the umbilical cord stump fell off. That meant I could start bathing the baby.

• Start bathing your baby, once the umbilical cord stump falls off.

Once your baby awakes around 5pm or there about, remove the nappy, wipe your treasure and wrap it in a towel and head to your 'bathing' spot. Bring a little towel to throw on top of your child's hands so it gives them 'safety' illusion (just like in your womb, when they couldn't move their hands too much). After a wash, dry your baby really thoroughly (mine really didn't like this particular event) put a new nappy on, put a comfy outfit and feed. Your baby will sleep like never before ☺ so make sure you don't let your child sleep longer then the recommended time (in my case I've been advised no longer then 4-5 hours, please check with your midwife)

Tip: Fill the baby's bath in advance, once your baby starts awakening. Just watch out for the temperature and make sure you don't take too long for the water temperature to drop.

• Take your baby for a walk... in a pram.

I was really scared to leave the house with my baby for the first time. I dreaded the moment. At last I braced myself, fed the child, put her in a pram, and off we went. Oh my! What a discovery!

The minute we were out, she was fast asleep. I have no idea what it is but it seems that babies really struggle to stay awake when in a pram ☺

The fact we were out and about and the child was asleep, gave me the sense of freedom I had so longed for.

Tip: Experiment. Spend a few minutes in a coffee shop or stop by to do some minor shopping just to see how you baby reacts. If he awakes from being too hot, too noisy or you being stationary while queuing, rock the pram a bit or keep moving.

• It's ok for a baby to cry.

The first time my baby cried for more than a minute, I got really upset, then I learned that it's ok for a baby to cry a little bit. You really can't satisfy all your baby needs at once. As long as you know your baby is safe, it's ok to take a few minutes to warm up their milk (should you feed with a formula), or it's ok to make a run for the toilet (yep, that can happen as well)

Tip: Prepare as much as you can while your baby is asleep, wash the bottles, sterilize the bottles, put your washing machine on and so on.

• Breastfeed if you've got a cold.

10 days later, and after more or less managing and even fulfilling a few of my work obligations, the worst possible cold knocked on my door. Coughing, sneezing, crying and even nose bleeding... everything at once, and yet I've been advised to continue breastfeeding as apparently babies get antibodies with our milk. And so I did.

Tip: Get the go ahead from your midwife or GP. As it also depends on what type of cold you got.

• It's ok to cry.

I am not sure if hormones are shooting through the roof, or the fact my cold got the better of me, but boy do I cry these days. And you know what, that's fine. It only reminds me that I am a human being with emotions and feelings and that I am allowed to express myself, just as my baby has no boundaries when it comes to smiling, crying or producing the loudest burp I've heard in my life!

Tip: Cry away ☺

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