01/03/2013 10:33 GMT | Updated 01/05/2013 06:12 BST

Forty Things You Need to Do Differently This Term

New Years Resolutions have long been ditched and the second term blues have well and truly begun.

Feeling a bit 'meh' at this time of year is a common problem for students as you find yourself stuck on a merry-go-round of naff club nights and debilitating hangovers.

Combine this with a degree that isn't going too well and the prospect of long holidays at home involving reality TV and the occasional chain pub, and you've got a classic case of the 'second term slump'.

It's this common second term situation that inspired to create Refreshers Wall. This is an online 'fair' for students, designed to help give their uni year a bit of a boost. It has competitions, special student offers, jobs, travel options - all kinds of things. It's a great place to go for ideas and inspiration. has also come up with a list of things to kick-start your uni year once again. When you get your first class degree and are headhunted by Google, feel free to thank us.

1) Set your alarm early enough for you to make it to your lectures on time.

2) Not press snooze 12 times before you get up.

3) Go to lectures even when it's raining outside.

4) Go to lectures even when it's cold outside.

5) Go to lectures, full stop.

6) Go to the library.

7) Get notes yourself instead of asking your friends to pick up them up for you.

8) Understand that going to lectures is pointless if you nap through them.

9) Daydream less.

10) Stop texting people who are sat next to you in lectures.

11) Use a two hour gap in lectures to do work rather than nipping to the pub.

12) Actually listen to the lecturer.

13) Get started on work as soon as it's set.

14) Accept that Facebook stalking in the library does not count as work.

15) Take notes.

16) Go out for a drink without getting a takeaway on the way home.

17) Kiss fewer strangers.

18) Go to lectures without being hungover.

19) Walk to uni rather than getting the bus.

20) Argue less with your housemates.

21) Only go out for dinner when you can save money with

22) Watch less reality TV when you're meant to be working/sleeping.

23) Read/watch the news at least once a day.

24) Actually go to the gym - you've been paying for it since September, you may as well get your money's worth.

25) Reply to your mum's texts so she doesn't think you're dead quite so often.

26) Drink less.

27) Throw up less.

28) Put deadlines in your diary.

29) Get a diary.

30) Make a daily budget.

31) Make your student loan instalment last more than a fortnight.

32) Stop aiming for 40% in essays and exams - in this tough economy you need a good degree, so start going the extra mile!

33) Save enough money to go on a holiday this summer - you need it.

34) Stress less.

35) Get your full eight hours of sleep each night.

36) Eat breakfast every day.

37) Use Facebook less.

38) Make proper meals.

39) Get a job to supplement your student loan - for great part time jobs check out 15 great part time jobs to get you through 2013.

40) Procrastinate less, once you've finished reading this article...

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