08/07/2013 07:34 BST | Updated 06/09/2013 06:12 BST

Aroundthefitnessworldin80days - Day 60! Fitness-Freak Rave Review

Oh yes, you heard right. A rave class. If you're thinking of a dark room, flashing lights, glow sticks and crazy dancing, then you are bang on.

It's Day 60 (whoop whoop!). It's Day 60 which means that I have spent at least 60 days looking up classes on the internet, searching google, searching endless fitness class websites and only this week, THIS WEEK, have I found the website that would've made this challenge infinitely easier. After asking the open question back on Day 56 TRXCore @ Heartcore about why someone hasn't made a search engine for drop-in fitness classes in London, well it only turns out that someone has. And it's called Fitness-Freak (loving the name)! And you can book the classes directly through the website. And, it also runs a fitness class called The RAVE.

Oh yes, you heard right. A rave class. If you're thinking of a dark room, flashing lights, glow sticks and crazy dancing, then you are bang on.

But, a quick aside on the website - why hadn't I found this before?? Embodying the there-are-so-many-fun-fitness-things-to-do-in-London-no-one-has-an-excuse-not-to-get-fit theory which I'm also a strong believer in, the website has over 8500 classes all over London from yoga to dancing to marital arts and best of all, you can book and drop in to any of them - hey, it's kind of like this blog! ;-)

So, the RAVE class (I like writing that in caps) tonight. Held at Gymbox, I soon realised that the class used the mini trampolines, (of which I've thankfully got over my irrational fear of from Day 27 Trampoline Fit) to aid the crazy dancing and add a certain...well, bounce.

I've been to this studio at Gymbox before, back when I started out with pole dancing with Instructor Maya from Day 6 Pole Dancing, but I wouldn't have recognised it. Mini-trampolines are arranged to fill the room, lights are turned off, a green laser/strobey light flashes in the corner and glow sticks slowly come to life as people get ready for class.

Led by Instructor Shara, the founder of Fitness-Freak, we were taught a mini energetic routine on the mini trampolines including classic running man and classic big fish, little fish moves (but, of course!) and naturally a section of freestyle. Now, freestyling in a normal dance class is one thing - some people might be a bit shy, no-one wants to let it go and look silly - but in the Fitness-Freak RAVE class, I'm not sure if it's the safety of the darkness or the shields of the glow sticks but people went crazy. Hell, I went crazy. And it was awesome!

Going crazy is (a) incredibly fun ,(b) a prop release for the mind and body and (c) the one that often gets forgotten, a damn good calorie burner. Add a mini trampoline and you're laughing. Taking the 5th spot on the calories-burnt-per-minute rankings, I was a little surprised if I'm honest. The class was too fun! I felt no burn at any point! The time just flew by! And that's the beauty of it - as you jump around waving your glowsticks, distracted by the pumping old skool tunes, you'll get out of breath and you'll get sweaty, but you won't be thinking I-am-working-out-hard-so-I-must-be-suffering. Encouraged by Instructor Shara, who kept the energy high and students revved up, I dare you to finish this class and not leave on an endorphin-filled high.

The Need To Know:

- Where: Gymbox Bank (Book Class through

- Nearest Station: Bank (90seconds)

- When: Tuesdays 19.45 (I went on Tuesday!)

- How Much: Single class £10

- Special Note: You don't have to be a member of Gymbox to join the class, if you book through Fitness-Freak

The Want to Know:

- Who's it For: For those who like to rave (duh)

- Sweat Scale: 7/10.

- Strength / Cardio / Flexi / Tone: Cardio

- Complexity: 8/10. Bouncing and dancing takes a little concentration!

- Fun Factor: 9/10.

- Changing Facilities: Gymbox changing rooms, showers, toilets the works.

- Instructor Inspiration: 9/10. Oozing enthusiasm!

The Stats:

- Total Time: 40mins

- Calories Burnt: 268 (5th place in calories-burnt-per-minute leaderboard)

- Average Heart Rate: 130pm

- Max Heart Rate: 144bpm

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