01/09/2015 13:39 BST | Updated 01/09/2016 06:59 BST

This Is Not a Migrant Crisis, This Is a Refugee Crisis

Dear Mr Cameron,

This is not a migrant crisis, this is a refugee crisis.

You withdrew British support from the rescue efforts in the Mediterranean last year. Your message seemed to be "Let the refugees drown - it will discourage the others." What a dereliction of moral authority.

Our country is a safe and secure place for those fleeing war. Many of these conflicts were started or exacerbated by rich western countries. If we can't accept the consequences of our actions, we shouldn't have taken the action in the first place. In this case, the consequences of wars we have either started, fuelled or contributed to are more than a million refugees and the harrowing sight of innocent little bodies being washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean.

We should take our share of these refugees in with open arms. All of them. Instead you order more razor wire to keep them out.

Millions are on the move. War is not the only contributing factor - climate change is tightening its grip on the planet, and the industrialised west continues to burn fossil fuels while poorer countries pay the price. The UK has to play a significant part in alleviating the suffering.

The mass movement of civilians trying to escape death and destruction is our problem. Mr Cameron, you should be quite sure that this human tragedy is not going away, no matter how high you string the razor wire.

In Swansea, Welsh Greens have got together with Citizens UK to take 20 Syrian families seeking refuge. 20 families is not a lot to ask. In Newport, Greens are also asking for the city to take 20 Syrian families, and offers of practical help from residents are already coming in.

Whatever it takes, the Wales Green Party stands ready to support refugees in crisis.