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Refugee children trying to reach Britain feel they were better off in the squalid Calais camp, amid claims some are being
Two women behind the campaign for police to record misogyny as a hate crime have been subjected to “horrendous” abuse themselves
'I want to see my mum but as soon as the war stops I'm going to go back'.
Two years after Hasan* fled his home in Syria and six months after he arrived alone in the Calais 'Jungle' camp, this teenage
A group of cleaners are protesting at the Foreign Office after, they claim, they were disciplined and, in some cases, lost
Hundreds of Britons are calling on the government to take in more refugees, with some even offering their homes as the numbers
Millions are on the move. War is not the only contributing factor - climate change is tightening its grip on the planet, and the industrialised west continues to burn fossil fuels while poorer countries pay the price. The UK has to play a significant part in alleviating the suffering.
My flat in Bow overlooks the Olympic Park. I can see the Olympic Stadium and Westfield Shopping centre from my kitchen window. Thinking about the Olympic legacy for Londoners is a daily agitation for me, not least because I know my premium on rent.