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Rayner, Gove, Trump And Twitter!

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Who is better at the 'twitter' race to keep entire nations amused - Michael Gove or Donald Trump?

Reading through twitter, I am in fits of laughter! Michael Gove has been trolling Jay Rayner, just because Jay Rayner is promoting his own book!

You don't see Theresa May doing why don't middle aged women do this?

Now, either Michael Gove has become a book promoter in his spare time - and if he has this reminds me of the scenes in Love Actually, where 'Billy Mack' is out promoting his song 'Christmas is all around'. By carrying on, Michael Gove has probably unwittingly made more of us aware that Jay Rayner has a new book out! Maybe, he could have helped this book to get to No 1 (oh, I hope it does...that would be great karma!!).

I am not really sure why Michael Gove is so unhappy with Jay Rayner promoting his book. I just can't see why a politician would be so upset with a chef wanting to promote? I don't see him having a go a Jamie Oliver (and he has loads of books!).

In fact, just to help out - here got to and look up the Ten commandments by Jay Rayner . I would love to be able to tell Michael Gove we helped as well to get Jay Rayners book to No 1. Definately worth it for the giggle!

Michael Gove was so close to becoming the Prime Minister in the UK, so glad he didn't! He had obviously had a few drinks (if he hadn't, that is a worry!). We have all done it, had a few drinks and sent emails/text messages and even posted on Facebook and regretted it the next morning, but that was when we were younger, now that we are middle aged, we hope to be more sensible!

The problem when people like Gove or Trump post on twitter, is that people take screenshots. Even if they delete these messages, they will still be doing the rounds of the internet for years to come.

Some of the best Trump tweets are from years of my favourites is one he posted on Twitter on 9th of May 2013 where he said "Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault"

Now, we have all heard the studies done that state women mature faster than men, but I would have thought that by the time we all hit our middle age, that we should be at a similar level of maturity.

At first I thought maybe they are going through a form of male menopause. But the symptoms for male menopause include lowered self confidence...I don't think either Michael Gove or Donald Trump are suffering this at all!

Imagine if every middle aged girls going through menopause did the same and took to twitter to rant and troll other people! Oh, there would be some funny twitter accounts out there if everyone did! We would all be out there trolling men and young people, just because we were cranky about getting older!

Yes, here at Middle aged girls, jokes about being middle aged are what keep us all going! But, I am not angry by any stretch of the imagination that Jay Rayner wants to promote his book at Christmas is obviously the perfect time of year to promote it!

So, whilst I am at it - jump across to The Little Booklet of Musings of a MAGS on Maybe you might want to buy my book...mine is even cheaper than Jay's!

I have my fingers crossed that Michael Gove spots this and helps me promote my book as well!! Or even, Donald Trump!

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