02/12/2015 05:59 GMT | Updated 01/12/2016 05:12 GMT

What About Domestic Violence at Christmas?

Christmas is coming.

For most of us, the start of December signals a time of happiness and fun - where we get to enjoy quality time with our families, indulge in good food and share Christmas spirit. But for victims of domestic violence and their children, Christmas can be a scary time instead.

That is why this year, Sara Charlton Foundation in association with award winning director Zak Razvi and Knucklehead productions, teamed together to create a Christmas advert to highlight how dangerous the festive period can be for some.


We aren't doing this for fundraising purposes, we just wanted to raise awareness and encourage those who are able to seek help, to do so. In fact, many people offered their services for free in order to get this advert made. For some, it was because the issue was close to their hearts whilst others felt passionate about the subject and wanted to raise awareness of what harms can happen behind closed doors.

As we know, 2 women a week are killed as a result of domestic violence and many of them are mothers. So we hope that people will watch and share our advert below so that we can help victims and their children avoid having a fearful and dangerous Christmas this year.