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The EU Needs Britain? TOUGH!

As we approach the European Council summit on February 18th and 19th, the renegotiation rhetoric we are used to hearing from the Prime Minister is intensifying.

David Cameron's latest talks were carried out over the weekend with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. No 10's spin welcomed 'concessions,' yet Tusk was less effusive, leaving the talks saying simply: "No deal." There's clearly more work to be done on the very few requests Cameron has asked for.

An emergency meeting was held in Brussels on Friday, giving the impression an announcement on the EU referendum date is imminent - with some critics suggesting a deal could well be stuck within the next day or two. Clearly this hasn't happened. With Cameron's renegotiations destined to fail, it seems as though a panicked Prime Minister called the emergency meeting to try and scrape together any sort of deal he can.

With Cameron's last remaining pledge still being broken down, the EU insists there is still a suitable deal to be had. The PM still believes he will be allowed the migrant 'brake' he's been chasing for what now seems like an eternity. However, any such proposal will still need the approval of all the heads of the other 27 EU Member States, with Hungary and Bulgaria already saying they will reject any such deal. If this happens, Cameron will be left with nothing.

Whatever Cameron comes back to Britain with, we already know it won't be anything which brings back significant powers from Brussels...

Donald Tusk's former Minister of Foreign Affairs may have accidentally let something slip in last Thursday's Daily Politics show - which was rather more telling than he realised. Whilst being interrogated by Andrew Neil, Radoslaw Sikorski said "We don't need Britain leaving and adding to the EU's problems. It won't be in Britain's interests." This is what Eurosceptics have been saying for years - the EU needs Britain much more than Britain needs the EU.

The over-paid bureaucrats in Brussels know if the UK votes to Leave the EU in the upcoming referendum - something which is looking more and more likely - it will set a precedent for other Member States to pack their bags and also pull out.

It is impossible to see which part of leaving behind all the problems of the EU would not be in the UK's best interests. Would it be the uncontrolled mass immigration causing a strain on Britain's public services?

Or perhaps the EU's extremely poor youth unemployment record?

Or maybe Sikorski is referring to our leaving behind all the red-tape legislation created by Brussels which costs Britain's small businesses hundreds of millions of pounds ever year?

Even Barclays Bank has now said Britain outside the EU would be positive economically. Barclays says the worst effect of Brexit would be felt by Europe rather than the UK - which can only benefit by leaving the EU. Sikorski's motives for keeping Britain inside the EU now seem to be a lot clearer.

Any way you look at this, there is only one conclusion. Britain's best interests lie outside the EU - not inside it.

Even without taking into account the ridiculous regulations constantly created in Brussels - regulations which control the way your toilet flushes, brew your coffee, the power of your oven or the suck of your hoover - it's no wonder popular businesses around the UK are declaring themselves Brexiters.

Brussel's latest target is the paper boy, with a report last week labelling the job 'a violation of the fundamental rights of children'... Sometimes you just can't make it up! The same report says British maternity pay is 'inadequate' and all smacking of children should be banned.

It seems as though if it can be regulated, Brussels will go for it.

It can only be time before Cameron - even if only in private - feels the same way.

If the EU needs Britain - as suggested by Sikorski - why have Cameron's renegotiations failed so badly? Without a doubt, many in the Leave camp knew there would never be enough to regain extortionate demands from Brussels and bring our democracy back to Westminster. But it now seems Cameron will return with absolutely nothing at all - even less than the cost of the ink on the paper!

We can now sit back and enjoy the 'show', because this is all we will get - play-acting. David Cameron will dress up whatever he drags out of Brussels, saying it is as a massive achievement in an attempt to 'con' the Great British Public. Soon the situation will be a lot clearer, and we will know exactly what 'deal' we are up against. It will then be up to us - those who can see right through the lies and rhetoric - to make sure our case is heard, and ensure we get Get Britain Out of the EU. The EU want to keep us? TOUGH... They will have to get used to Britain as an independent nation.