07/03/2017 11:31 GMT | Updated 08/03/2018 05:12 GMT

My Daughter Knows No Hate

So yesterday I was dismayed, like almost every other day since the U.S Presidential Election, by yet another story of Donald Trump disrespecting someone and acting like a high school bully via that least appropriate of presidential platforms, Twitter. In this case it was his predecessor Obama who was on the receiving end (not for the first time) as he bitterly accused him of 'bugging' the White House. An accusation refuted by Obama and his aids and that prompted the head of the FBI to publicly denounce Trump and his regular vitriolic, damaging slanders. The world we now live in is a world whereby the President of America feels he is able to cast aspersions on the character of anyone who disagrees with him, on any level. Who can forget the video of him even going as far as to mock a disabled journalist last year (certainly not me, for obvious reasons) and 'those tapes' recording his opinions on women and his sense of entitlement around them owing to his position of power and, more basically, his money? Yet here he is, President of the U.S.A. How did this happen? What we tell future generations about the state of a world that allowed this to happen? What do we tell our daughters???

I don't, of course, have to tell my daughter anything.

Elin knows nothing of world politics, she never will. Elin has no glass ceiling to try and smash in her lifetime. Today I am glad, that my daughter knows no hate.

She knows no racism, no sexism, no misogyny, no lies, no hurt, no anxiety. She knows no betrayals, no inequality, no sadness, no despair, no war. She knows no conflict, no poverty, no death, no destruction, no darkness.

She only knows love.

She knows cuddles, laughter, support, safety. She knows warmth, humanity, fun, smiles. She knows trust, contact, music and light. She will never have to negotiate the world in the same way as she would have done in her parallel lifetime, that lifetime that slipped away from her the day she was born.

She knows no hate and never will.

We have always said this was something we could hold onto, that her life, to her is a wonderful one. Maybe we were just trying to convince ourselves a little, to make things seem ok. But today, as we went to Elin's annual school review (that was so wonderful and positive) and got to see her in her classroom playing with a parachute and the amazing staff at her school, it didn't feel like I was trying to convince myself of anything. It felt real. It felt like she was operating on a higher level of consciousness than the rest of us mortals and that she was better off of it. I felt grateful, I felt glad.

My daughter is special, a miracle. She knows no hate.

And she never, ever will.

And I am so thankful, at least, for that.