The Truth About Lying

A lie, however, will always linger. It travels with you and the person you lied to. A lie comes back to stare you in the face at unexpected moments, creating another lie and another lie...

I've always believed in being honest. Honesty is simple. It's easy, it creates intimacy and it liberates. Honesty mixed with wisdom and tact is even better... Lies, however big or small, create separation and we know that a lie has been told because we feel that separation instantly. That's not your sixth sense, it's the simple energy of lying: it causes a little rift in our energy, in our trust, even if we do not consciously know... and that's exactly HOW we know, pure and simple chemistry. We feel unsettled, anxious, as if something isn't right and... guess what: that's true, it isn't!

When the truth and I mean the whole simple truth is told, we feel peace...

( Well, sometimes we feel anger too, the truth can hurt, but in essence of the truth being told, we first feel peace...) we know inside that what has been said is right and that creates peace... it makes sense and we feel like the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and that's that. The truth doesn't linger, because it doesn't have to.

A lie, however, will always linger. It travels with you and the person you lied to. A lie comes back to stare you in the face at unexpected moments, creating another lie and another lie... until it forms a big web that sticks to your energy and that occupies your mind. That web will start to wear you out, make you anxious and hollow, you will get caught up in it and it'll imprison you. A lie is never a SINGLE lie... to believe that is lying to your self.

Knowing that a lie really travels so much further then you realize might help you become more truthful. A lie compromises your power and full potential in every way. A lie compromises your love and your accountability. Now there's nothing wrong with making mistakes, or with doing something stupid - we all do that from time to time. If we didn't make mistakes we wouldn't be human and we wouldn't be able to learn and grow. What makes us in to honorable men and women is to own the things we do wrong, what puts us in our power, what makes us wise, what gives us credibility and authenticity is to own our mistakes, and to do something about them in a good and positive uplifting way. When we sort out our lives and our lies, we create the space for happiness. We move from inner imprisonment to inner freedom and full access to our true self and power.

Oprah Winfrey, gained our love because she was honest about everything she struggled with, by sharing her solutions... and we could really relate to that. When we openly own up, we gain not only other people's understanding and respect; we gain our own respect and understanding. We expand our energy, power, clarity and strength.

The truth also impacts on our intuition and creativity. When we have a clear conscience we sleep better, we worry less and therefore the channel to connect with our real self is free for amazing input that can't be denied or silenced. This result's in having clearer intuition to practice the muscle that lets us be in touch with our true potential, with our dreams.

If you ever wonder why your relationships and life turned stale and negative, it may well have started with the little things we lie about. These lies smudge our hearts and create separation from the pure wholesome love and trust that there once was. The more we lie about little things to cover our tracks, the further we drift from love - love and respect for ourselves, and love and respect from our partners, friends and family. Once on that road we drift further from our true selves. We become weaker and before we know it we have lost ourselves.

Truthful communication keeps us in the pure loop of love and trust, it frees us inside when we come clean. That inner freedom and pride for ourselves allows us to shine our brightest. If you are wondering right now, why you are not living the life you always wanted then look at how many little or big lies you are telling and have told. Both: yourself and others. See the web it creates in and around you... see the prison it becomes and decide to free yourself from it.

To live your dreams is to own all of yourself, all of your acts and any dishonesty will get in your way.

And yes the people that do not resonate with your honest approach will fall away... and good riddance! They make space for new more supportive friends with equal high standards... and that will support you and make you stronger!

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