The Washington Post's fact checker tallied all the false and misleading claims Biden made in speeches, interviews and tweets since taking office.
Donald Trump already occupies the most powerful platform in the world.
Marriage therapists share how to divulge a falsehood to your partner, whether it's a little white lie or something more serious.
Kittenfishing sounds cuter than catfishing, but it's almost as bad.
The thing about dating in your late thirties is, after a poorly needed rebound fling, my thoughts were in need of something else.
There are the comforting lies like when Sophia gets hurt we 'kiss it better'. I'm sure this one is common practice for most parents. It is still a lie as it doesn't actually change anything. The pain will still be there. Her knee will still be grazed. Another pointless lie.
As MPs gave the Government the go-ahead by voting the Brexit bill and the Lords are debating it now, Gina Miller, the businesswoman and philanthropist who successfully challenged the Prime minister over Article 50 at the Supreme Court, kindly accepted to answer my questions in an exclusive interview.
The #1 nonverbal signal to look for is a change from baseline. This is actually the way a polygraph works. People being interviewed are hooked up to quite a few probes that are designed to detect a number of physical changes...
There are a lot of discussions going on about fake news and whether they exist even in the considered as reliable media as
Post-truth is a misnomer. What we mean is post-critical: when normal is accepted as unchallengeable, even and especially when normal is morally complicated. The only streetwise response to a new norm that seems morally questionable is a knowing shrug denoting a comfy blend of indifference and wry detachment...