30/05/2017 08:04 BST | Updated 30/05/2017 08:04 BST

With Days To Go, Can Corbyn Win The Election? If He Doesn't We Might Be Facing A One Party Tory State

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The prospect of the Tories being in power, potentially for years to come, is beyond depressing. Although the Tory lead over Labour has diminished to 5 points they are still in front. We are seeing the demise of the left all over Europe. Macron won the French elections but Le Pen still won one third of the votes - 33.9%.

What happened in Manchester was heinous; the election focus seems to be on security now and the war on terror. Did Corbyn make a mistake by saying Western foreign policy has made Britain unsafe at home increasing the threat of terrorist strikes?

The UK voted for Brexit, May's government will go for a hard Brexit deal it seems, despite the depreciation of the pound and all the doom and gloom stories, the billionaires are raking it in. Under this Tory government I just see uninspired leadership. At least Thatcher had charisma, May has none, her cronies are a bunch of grey haired men, not too dissimilar from Trump's grinning sycophantic acolytes.

Does Corbyn have a chance of winning after their decimation at the local elections? He announced his plans to tax the rich to raise money for the NHS and renationalise the railways, mail and energy firms. The Daily Mail had a field day saying Labour will return Britain to the 1970s.

Success for Labour according to Len McCluskey is holding onto 200 seats. Jeremy Corbyn is a decent man; he reminds me of Michael Foot. Foot had integrity but was widely touted as unelectable. Some have described Corbyn as too hard left. There's been grumblings in the party that the loss of so many seats was the direct result of Corbyn, he doesn't seem to want to budge though and give someone else the daunting task of resurrecting the party from the brink. If Labour loses will we see the emergence of a one party state with no effective opposition? The progressive alliance never materialised either.

UK politics is in a dire state. Labour's demise started long before Corbyn with Blair's disastrous invasion of Iraq in 2003, then there was the infighting between Blair and Brown, Brown's leadership was unpopular. They had a shot at resurrection with a fresh leadership contest, it looked like David Miliband might have been the favoured brother to rebuild the party, but Ed piped him to the post with union support and despite his best efforts he often faced derision. Labour has faced a battle to win credibility ever since. Corbyn's Momentum movement sounds impressive on paper, but it appears more like a niche cult than a viable political movement.


A postcard from my 1000 postcard series in which a pink plastic dude promises 'a strong and stable world' and the blue spider retorts, 'yeah, right.'

I'm a British citizen in nomansland, unsure about my status as someone partially residing in Europe and the UK, I am still paying my UK taxes but what do I get for my contribution? May is putting British nationals residing in Europe under pressure; we still do not know what our status will be post Brexit. If May and her hard line intransigent Brexiters refuse to compromise how will EU member states react? They are demanding clarity over the status of EU nationals in the UK, but they don't mention the rights of UK citizens in Europe. People like me are in a minority; we don't have a voice.

We hear stories of the NHS being in crisis and the resurrection of grammar schools, the UK is poised on handing victory to a bunch of people that will keep making cuts and continue to serve the needs of the super rich. The future looks bleak on so many fronts. Although there are aspects of Corbyn's manifesto that have merit it's been shredded by the right wing press.

May talks of strong and stable leadership, all I see is a government that is pro austerity, insular, not addressing wealth disparity, the housing crisis, poverty and homelessness, it seems they are indifferent. May was forced to make a spectacular U-turn regarding her disastrous policy regarding social care. The UK is now besieged with troops, the threat of a terror attack remains severe, will it deter people from venturing out to vote?

There have been some belligerent exchanges with President of the European Commission, Juncker, which doesn't bode well when it comes to negotiating Brexit. Apparently none of this leaves May phased, she's a bloody difficult woman remember, nor the super rich who keep laughing as their billions rise. London is awash with them. What kind of Britain is emerging? Definitely unequal. Labour wiil give it their all, but the Tories seem unassailable.