13/12/2012 11:10 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Why Kate Middleton Should be Left to Have Her Baby in Peace‏

As a new mother myself, I for one know what stress can do in pregnancy. Although research is on-going, stress can bring on premature labour or even worse, miscarriage - as certain stress-related hormones may play a role in causing pregnancy complications and harm an unborn baby.

So knowing this, how must Kate Middleton feel when not even 12 weeks into her pregnancy she has been the target of Aussie DJ phone pranksters pretending to be the Queen? Then faced with the devastating and shocking death of the nurse who put the hoax call through to her.

It's an awful start to Kate's journey of motherhood - Jacintha Saldanha, a mother too, has died, of a suspected suicide and it will be something Kate is sure to be reliving and has already expressed her sympathy over.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is crucial for any woman as the foetus is still developing.

While Kate lives a pampered, privileged lifestyle surrounded by family to support her during tough times, this is still a lot for any expectant mother to bear.

A sudden shock, such as a death can have significant consequences on a pregnant woman receiving such news.

Serious types of stress during pregnancy may increase your chances of certain problems, like premature birth. Most women who have serious stress during pregnancy can have healthy babies. But negative life events can be devastating.

We don't completely understand the effects of stress on pregnancy, it can cause infection that can affect your immune system and lead to premature birth. Sure, the news of a new monarch has excited the nation, loyal fans who have waited on tenterhooks since the fairytale wedding for Wills and Kate to announce they are having a baby are over the moon.

Yes, she's a princess, tops the best dressed lists, and knew what was coming with the territory when Prince Wills put a ring on it.

There are of course pregnant women in impoverished and far worse situations around the world, going through their own struggles and even dying through childbirth. Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief with the British Red Cross even raises awareness of just how many women suffer through childbirth and the devastation of having a still birth or miscarriage.

Kate is Duchess of Cambridge, but is it then a given that she should have to share with the world every spit and cough, medical issue and scan 3D picture with the world? In Ghanaian tradition, you don't even announce you're pregnant until it is blatantly obvious, ie, you are about to burst, or even until the little one has arrived. But these days as soon as you've pee'd on the stick the news is out.

I'm not suggesting we get the harps out for Kate, but let's not forget first and foremost she's a young woman having her first child, and it is an extremely anxious time for her. Pregnancy is not a walk in the park for everybody - and Kate's stint in hospital for acute morning sickness is just an example that it's not easy.

She hasn't even had her 12 week scan before the world is scrutinising her every move. And that is a lot of pressure, not to mention getting pregnant in the first place, the morning sickness (or all day sickness they should rename it) and all the other trimmings that can come with pregnancy including high blood pressure, indigestion, infection, water retention, swelling. Oh what a beautiful journey. Honest.

So why not give Kate some space to have her little bundle of joy in peace. Then when the new monarch is here, we can celebrate a safe, not strained, arrival of the new born babe.