morning sickness

Scientists have discovered a hormone that causes nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, pointing the way toward future treatment options.
"With my phobia, the idea of being pregnant and enduring morning sickness was enough to make me want to call the whole thing off."
“I can’t even explain to you how sick I feel,” the singer said in the pregnancy video.
At six weeks' pregnant, the nausea hit me – it was relentless. Here, other women tell me how they coped.
Researchers have called for the use of “nausea and vomiting in pregnancy” – or NVP –instead.
"I’m just trying to enjoy it while I’m awake, which isn’t a lot."
You're not alone – 7 in 10 pregnant women experience morning sickness.
There is a large group of women for whom hospital visits and repeated GP appointments could be avoided altogether if basic medication were provided appropriately