10/11/2014 04:16 GMT | Updated 09/01/2015 05:59 GMT

The First Rule of Fight Klub Is...

In need of some fitspiration, to keep me moving through the cold, dark months ahead, I went on the hunt for a new and exciting fitness class.

The aim was to find something innovative, something motivational and something that easily allowed me to say no to my warm house and comfy sofa and yes to hitting the gym hard and boy did I find it - literally!

sarah boxing

Fight Klub is a Combat Fitness workout that involves performing simple combinations of punches and kicks on a free - standing punch bag. It was originally developed in 2003 by Troy Dureh and has recently exploded in popularity - quite frankly, it's easy to see why. Promising to be a "combat phenomenon, which is taking the world by storm" and most importantly, being a fitness class that allows you to wear boxing gloves - yes!

It definitely sounded like something I needed to try, so I did. Being a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, I've taken part in hundreds of "combat" classes over the years, so what made Fight Klub different? Well, the movements were performed on free-standing punch bags instead of hitting focus pads or punching thin air.

fight klub

We were encouraged to get involved, often counting down to the next set of moves. The music was high energy, high tempo and felt nothing short of performing a fitness class in a nightclub atmosphere. It was the best workout I've done in a long time and is certainly one I'll be doing again.

Visit www.fightklub.co.uk to find a class near you!