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How to Protect Your Skin in a Heatwave

British summer time can be disappointing but the forecasters are predicting a heatwave this August - with tropical temperatures on the way!

British summer time can be disappointing but the forecasters are predicting a heatwave this August - with tropical temperatures on the way!

It's no secret that the sun's rays can potentially be very harmful to the skin, not to mention the wrinkles and pigmentation that can occur when you fail to protect your skin during those hot summer days.

So it is essential to protect your skin during a heatwave to ensure your skin remains healthy, glowing and youthful. Here are some top tips to keep your skin safe:

Sun cream - The first thing to look at is of course, your sunscreen. If you choose to go for a mineral sunscreen which contains ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide, these tend to sit on the skin and create a barrier to the SUN'S rays. It is also important to look at the SPF in the sunscreen. The higher the better and the longer it will protect you for. Why not try Calypso Once A Day sun cream for all day sun protection?

Time - Remember not to expose your skin to the sun for too long whatever your skin type. Avoiding peak times from 12pm until 4pm when the sun's rays will be at their hottest is also a sensible idea. Pack a spare top with you to throw on if you can't find suitable shade.

The sun has got his hat on, so you should too - Don't forget you can burn your scalp especially when we experience AN unexpected heatwave. Take a hat with you wherever you go, particularly if you are outside for a long duration of time. This will act as a barrier to the sun and avoid possible sun stroke and damage to your scalp and hair line. Apply a sun cream to your scalp and hair to keep your hair fully hydrated and in great condition. Give Calypso Sun Sea Hair Protection a go - it's easy to apply and brings well needed moisture to your locks.

Cloudy days - You can still get sunburnt when it's cloudy! The best thing to do is look online and at weather forecasts to see what the UV levels are that day, and apply sunscreen accordingly. Always bear in mind that you don't need to be in direct sunlight to be exposed to UV rays.

Moisturise - During the summer months why not get into the habit of replacing your daily moisturiser with a sun cream? That way you'll be protected as well as having super soft skin.

Hydrate - Staying hydrated is key to essential to maintaining healthy youthful skin. During a heatwave you will go from air conditioned rooms to blazing heat outdoors - which can dry the skin out dramatically. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your Ph levels balanced and ensure your skin is fully hydrated outside and in. If you are exercising, top up your fluids.

Keep these at the forefront of your mind this August and stay safe in the sun.

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