Summer vacation

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I would give anything to be able to keep my kids at home or take them out by myself
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Malta is the gem of the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful island country boasts balmy weather, azure waters and a vibrant culture unlike anywhere else. To describe it to another, simply imagine one of the friendliest places you've ever been, where you'll find the locals always put lifestyle before work and the weather is almost always sunshine
Let's be honest. It is very difficult to pack light. If you can, then I have massive respect for you. My issue is that there are simply too many nice items I want to take. The shoes? Surely, I will need at least five pairs? Help me out ladies, tell me I am not alone. I visualise that when I arrive (not matter where the summer destination), I will look like the stylish Julia Stiles straight out of the new programme Riviera on Sky Atlantic. It is shot in Cote d'Azur so you get the idea. Effortlessly chic. That's the vibe I am aiming for.