23/12/2011 08:06 GMT | Updated 20/02/2012 05:12 GMT

The Dirty Politics of Pakistan

Everything is fair in love and in war and Politics is the art of looking for troubles. Nevertheless, in Pakistan, this is the game of jeopardising democracy with dirty approaches to gain power. Every way that leads one to the roads of Prime Minister Secretariat or presidency is acceptable. No matter what 'sacrifice' or 'compromise', but the road must lead to the power.

The country where the history of democracy is very fragile as the military has directly ruled and even in democratic times has intervened secretly, or openly. Either it is judicial murder of Bhutto, removal of Benazir by involving her in murder of her own brother, or the Kargil revenge from Nawaz Sharif. The establishment intervened repeatedly directly or indirectly to derail democracy by creating controversies or by pumping up non-democratic factors to involve in the bloody game of dirty politics.

In 2008, when all parties succeeded against Musharraf's so-called democracy, it seemed chances to block establishment forever. They could draw a very distinct line of separation of powers within the institutions. However, anything is possible but not fairness in Pakistan. The series of controversies started from 2009 and the recent controversy is the famous Memo gate Scandal. Where an elected president, PM, an ambassador, all are ridiculed due to the poisonous propaganda war of media, opposition and establishment.

It is funny that the whole media, opposition, judiciary and even Army regime has believed on that man who has also said that the ISI chief had visited Saudi Arabia to sack the president. ISPR has however, denied the allegation after nine days of the report published in the English newspaper, but Aasma Jehangir has raised the argument in the court that when one part of his statement has caused a big chaos in the country, then why the other part is not considerable? She has also argued that on which authority The ISI chief went to the United Kingdom to meet Mansoor Aijaz.

The anger of army is so strong that the rumour factory produced the peak when the president went to Dubai for his treatment. They started writing that he would never come back, and when he returned, they said that he has made a deal to return. And now again when there is no visible deal, they are writing that the government will collapse within either a month or the judiciary will create a way to pin down this government. Unfortunately, the judiciary has also become controversial after giving an ambiguous protocol to Nawaz Sharif, which is shown by many channels and have raised the question on the impartiality of Supreme Court. PPP is fair to argue that why judiciary is always active against them and why not for anyone else.

However, apart from the media hype, the government is pretending to work normally and making the last reforms, which they should have done a long ago, as general people really do not care whether who remain or not, or about the memo scandal or the strategic conspiracies they only care for their own issues. They only care for electricity, gas, and fuel prices or the availability. Nevertheless, the misfortune for the country continues to keep nation busy in this no agenda, stock exchanges are down, economy has no future, factories are closed due to no gas and electricity , police is demoralised, but the dirty game is on. The only agenda for an invisible mastermind is to demolish the system.

Everybody say that he would not play under the hands of establishment yet they do exactly the same, what is written by some invisible ghost in the script for them to play. They think that they are playing the game but in fact, they are part of that great game which has made politics nothing but a very dirty business in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif needs new elections, Imran needs new elections, or may be people also need new elections, but what is the manifesto or back up to prove this government wrong?

People had great hope in Imran, who could become a ray of hope after 15 years of struggle, but the way he is inducting bad reputed and rotten politicians, has created many doubts about his credibility that either he is a hypocrite or desperate to do anything to get power. The allegation that establishment is on his back is also a big question, as he disclosed name of Mr Haqqani (Ex Ambassador of Pakistan in US) in his Lahore rally when nobody knew that Haqqani was involved in the memo scandal. Many wondered that when even government did not know then how he knew about the involvement of Haqqani. Also, A great number of controversial ex ministers and other feudal have joined him so the claim seems vague that he will be affective to stop corruption in the country. He himself has confessed after a big criticism for a new member of his party who has serious allegations of drug dealing, that he could not induct angels in his party when corruption is from top to the roots of the society. He however, still claims that he would bring a great team but from where? The way he has thrown his old and ideological members from the key positions of his party, is exactly opposite what he says. Why people should believe in his words, which is different from his actions.

Similarly, Imran speaks against Drones attacks in Pakistan, while two major members (Mr Qasoori and Qureshi) of his party are ex-foreign ministers of Pakistan. He is unable to answer the question that if he really against these attacks then why he has kept these two men, who were responsible for all foreign policies. Another shock for the public is the language used in his rallies and addresses by him or his number two Mr Qureshi. Qureshi had a great image as most sophisticated foreign minister after Bhutto. However, the way he criticise the president with cheap and filthy words, has created a big question that are they really going to bring change for which civil society dreamt since decades? The most fearful thing is the development of a very dangerous trend from his Qasoor gathering, where people have vandalised almost 10 million worth property.

Media showed live that how did they looted madly, took even banners to make blankets in their homes. However, Instead of condemning the attempt, he rather protected them that they did it due to poverty. The civil society supported him blankly in all these years is in shock that why he defended them when he could request them to return the goods or could ask the police to find the goods, they must have been thinking that is he really the leader, they are dreaming for ?