09/08/2011 06:01 BST | Updated 08/10/2011 06:12 BST

London Riots: Britain's Social Elastic is Snapping Back in Cameron's Face

Society is falling apart in London right now. Young people are running amok, stealing everything they can without giving a damn about getting arrested. What's a criminal record when you don't have a future anyway? The message is obvious: "Fu*k the authorities, what did they ever do for us?"

Could Britain's social elastic finally be snapping? After years of the rich using and abusing the working class for all it can get away with and more, the long awaited proletariat uprising may finally be here.

All this news of the economy 'dying' is rich man talk for "we're not making enough money from you anymore". Like water, none of our money has ever left the world and disappeared into thin air, when it's spent it goes somewhere. It lines the pockets of the likes of Nike, Burberry and Apple. Growing and growing, feeding into owners and shareholders.

People aren't paid on merit, for the contribution they put into the world. They're paid for how much money they have that they can make work for them.

The inevitable rich/poor gap that grows out of this is the cause of these riots. People have had enough. Last month Polly Toynbee said Britain's social elastic is nearly at snapping point. I agreed then and I most certainly agree now.

The only young people with a chance in this city now are those with money. The rest are is standing by watching cuts slash their opportunity for a university education. £27,000 for a degree? Those who haven't been made to feel incapable of a degree before now certainly aren't thinking about it now. Youth clubs are being shut down, EMA terminated and jobs cut. What consolation is offered in return? Absolutely none.

If your future as a young, non-white teenager in Brixton didn't look hopeless enough before, it really does now.

All that can save fix this is if the billionaires stop with their insatiable greed. We can't all have billions of pounds in the bank to maintain a lifestyle of crippling luxury, and every billionaire added to the pile is a million people being pushed further into poverty.

Corporations can't grow ad infinitum without giving back to the people, and a nation of people with no jobs and no money will not keep buying the shiny toys you dangle in front of them, they'll just steal them.

The lesson is clear. Give back, or they'll take it back, big society be damned.