07/05/2015 17:12 BST | Updated 07/05/2016 06:59 BST

How to Survive the General Election Third Metric-Style

There's gonna be a lot of tears tomorrow morning. Tears of joy. Tears of despair. But most likely there'll be bucket loads of tantrum tears. These will be from those who decided to stay up all night and watch the General Election result. Unless you're a jobbing journalist or a politician there'll be little reward for geeking out in front of the TV with your eyeballs glued to a smartphone until 6am. Instead, the reward will be rattiness, lack of focus, and dreadful decision making.

At The Huffington Post UK we've made a big deal of raising the importance of remembering to unplug from digital media, recharge the mind and sleep. And there's a good reason - it's not hipster hocus-pocus. Our coverage, which comes under the banner The Third Metric, shows there's bags of scientific evidence that all of these life choices help with an issue that's a stake this Friday morning - good quality decision making.

This week Britons will vote in their millions to entrust a few hundred people with the future of the country. We trust them to make the right decisions without even knowing how they reach them. We are trusting our leaders to make massively important decisions on no sleep.

When I spoke to Arianna earlier about the UK elections she told me: "Wherever we look in the UK and around the world, we see smart leaders in politics, but also in business and in media, making terrible decisions.

"What they're lacking is not IQ, but wisdom. Which is no surprise. It has never been harder to tap into our inner wisdom, because in order to do so, we have to get enough sleep, disconnect from our omnipresent devices and reconnect with ourselves."

This week I've been through hundreds of HuffPost UK articles to pick out what I think will be the best at explaining how to survive the election night Third Metric-style. It's something I'd encourage everyone to read, especially the party leaders. They're going to need it. Here's my list of the 16 best:

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