26/11/2013 11:26 GMT | Updated 26/01/2014 05:59 GMT

Shocking Yourself Fit

Getting ahead of the game and shocking yourself.

It may be December shortly but it is not an excuse to lose sight of the need to keep your discipline. My experience tells me that those people who knuckle down and stick to their routine and don't succumb to the early mince pies and Christmas lunches will be far better come the fitness frenzy in January.

I'm always reminded of the scene in 'Dodgeball' where Ben Stiller and his pneumatic crotch screaming at his shiny gym members to 'shock your body baby, shock your body.' Well, for a comic genius, in slapstick film, White Goodman had it bang on the money. You have to shock your body into action. Simply doing the same workouts every week will not be the quickest route to your success.

Often, when we workout, our bodies become accustomed and familiar with the same old exercises that we do week in, week out. From experience, the best results have come to those clients who are prepared to push the limits with intensity and are not afraid of trying something new. Intensity, in any walk of life is needed to make things happen and working out is no different.

If you are looking to freshen up your workout routine and have become a little stale in and around the gym, try this killer interval session to kick start your training and give your body something to think about. You don't have to be a gym member to do this, you just need to be able to get out in the park and know basic exercises. If you are not using a gym, you should invest in an exercise resistance band. For not very much money you will be able to workout your whole body at a really good intensity.

Interval training has been shown to be a fantastic way to increase metabolism and consequently be an integral and effective part of losing weight and 'shocking the body'.

What follows are two workouts, one for the gym and the other for outdoors. If you need some decent kit for out doors then why not try have a look at www.wiggle.co.uk they always have some cracking deals.

Gym Routine.


A treadmill or a bike and a set of dumbbells you feel challenged with when doing biceps curls for a set of 15 reps. most women can do 3-5kgs and most men can do 6-10kgs.

Jump on the treadmill or bike for five minutes at a pace, which is challenging/ flat out. Stop after five minutes and straight away pick up the dumbbells and do these exercises in order with no rest in-between.

Squats 15 reps

Lunges 10 each leg

Biceps curls 15 reps

Shoulder press 10 reps

Bent over rows 15 reps

Triceps dips 15 reps

Press-ups 15 reps

Into a plank for 30 seconds

Jump back on the treadmill or bike and knock out another five minutes at the same pace as before. Repeat five times. The whole workout will take you about 45 minutes.

If you are out doors with your resistance band you will simply find a route to do cardio' that starts and finishes at a park bench and takes five minutes to complete. Then simply apply the same circuit as above. Of course you will have to do the leg exercises without the band so do an extra five reps to increase intensity.

Enjoy and don't lose sight of the fact that fitness inst just for New Year its for life.

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