30/06/2014 11:56 BST | Updated 27/08/2014 06:59 BST

Fat Hypnotherapists Become Outraged

It was an interesting week of defensiveness from a number of fat hypnotherapists who became outraged at the thought that I would dare to assert what most clients think. These morbidly obese therapists suddenly came in from all quarters claiming that they could work with the paying public who were seeking inspiration to lose weight. It obviously has hit a nerve, with so many feeling my drive to safeguard the public was unfair. Is my assertion hitting a hidden demon within their own mind given they are fat, or is it that I may prevent them from earning money? I will let you make your own mind up. Who knows?


What is hypnotherapy anyway?

In short hypnotherapy is the power of suggestion. Imagine for a moment you have paid to meet someone who will inspire you to lose weight only to find they are even fatter than you. Surely the paying public have the right to expect a weight loss hypnotherapist not to be fatter than they are. Of course some hypnotherapists will read the books and spill some kind of theory to protect themselves, but I believe we have to protect the public more.

Protect yourself from fat hypnotherapists

If you are considering hypnotherapy for weight loss then do make sure that you check them out first. You deserve to be inspired. Never feel guilty for walking away and seeking out someone that obviously practices what they preach. Of course the waffle will be given to you such as they cannot exercise (even though weight loss is in the main about controlling food intake). Some may even claim they have worked with masses of clients helping them to lose weight. If that is the case then ask for at least 6 pieces of before and after evidence. But most of all if you, the paying public, are so disheartened to find they are fatter than you, then move on as you might waste your money.

All is not lost

Now for some good news! There are hundreds of great hypnotherapists who treat weight loss massively successfully. These are the ones who practice what they preach. Hypnotherapy is a great tool and I do encourage you to check it out if being too fat is harming your life. I recall the days I was a fat chap and I hated what I saw, however hypnotherapy and a good boot up the backside sorted me out a treat. Working with my own clients I now use a combo of clinical hypnotherapy and a good dollop of motivational coaching.

Why say all of this? Because you the client deserves it.