16/03/2015 20:29 GMT | Updated 16/05/2015 06:59 BST

Is ITV's New Game Show 'Back in the Room' Really That Bad?

Well it has been a dramatic week in the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The launch of ITV's new game show 'Back in the Room' where a hypnotist supposedly hypnotises game show contestants, has created outrage from the hypnotherapy profession. In fact at one point last week I felt as though I was listening to a load of Drag Queens about to scratch the eyes out of anyone who thought this newly commissioned game show wasn't so bad, and could actually motivate members of the public to consider hypnosis as a tool to help them sort out their mind. But oh no, the clinical straight jackets closed ranks and consoled each other with a hug, which was a pleasant change because many are usually seen hugging a tree in baggy jumpers and brown elasticated trousers.

Now of course one can understand the protective guard dog (of which this profession boasts many) mentality, but I did find it all a little bit precious and over the top. Don't get me wrong, I fully acknowledge that the clinical applications of hypnosis are powerful, but I think far too many Hypnotherapists were missing the point of how it could actually help them get the status of the profession heightened. On the day the first show aired you could feel the tension in the air as the anger and anxiety of so many Hypnotherapists went through the roof. Their teeth were grinding, the online spats were alive, and the yells of 'oh this is so bad for our profession' would have encouraged many to conclude the profession was dead, simply because of a blooming game show! Three words came to mind as I witnessed the self branded leaders of hypnotherapy share their outburst - GET A GRIP!!!

Being witness to such behaviour I also wonder if therapists in general have a sense of humour, because let's face it, this is just a fun game show, and so many Hypnotherapists believed the public were too thick to see that. In fact at one point last week a number of so called hypnotherapy professionals suggested that I needed hypnotherapy myself because of my support for the show. I did reflect for a few seconds and wondered why they were suggesting it. Then the penny dropped! Yes, probably because many are so useless and desperate for clients, they will publicly tell you that you need therapy, so please be warned about those that do such things!

Does last week's tantrum outrage from Hypnotherapists help one conclude that therapists in general are often uptight and laugh rarely? Is the elastic of their knickers too tight? However when all is said and done, there are many diamond Hypnotherapists out there who are able to laugh, recognise opportunity, and do the most amazing work for their clients. Those are the ones you need to work with. Those are the ones that are at ease with themselves, have a conduct that oozes success, and are able to talk about the results they have helped their clients to generate. Yes, hypnotherapy is an amazing tool that can get you a result fast. Just make sure you work with the best.

So, is this show really that bad? Depends how tight your knickers are. Thankfully I wear boxers.