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Mind Programming With Hypnosis Seems to Rock

Talking with a range of specialists gives me the opportunity to dig deep into how and what they do to help their own clients achieve the desired result. Here I reflect on a week of hypnotic interest.

Over the last week I have met a range of Clinical Hypnotherapists and I have been able to explore how what they do helps their clients achieve their goals. It has been enlightening, understanding how each of them working in a niche area support their clients using what is often described as 'voodoo'. Talking with a range of specialists gives me the opportunity to dig deep into how and what they do to help their own clients achieve the desired result. Here I reflect on a week of hypnotic interest.

I begin my week meeting Rosalind Smith, a smart, straight talking Hypnotherapist who outlines how she recently helped one woman lose five stone programming her mind to eat less. Well aware of how hypnosis is now a leading edge treatment for helping people lose the excess weight, I am inspired as I look at a before and after photo of Rosalind's client who now looks so much happier. Rosalind explains how the hypnosis has also motivated her client to take up exercise and sustain long term focus to stay on track. What strikes me here is the enthusiasm she holds to get results for her clients and a confirmation in my own mind that a direct no nonsense approach delivers results.

Next I meet Nicola Beattie, a Hypnotherapist specialising in addictions. What's interesting is the array of addictions she treats from sex addiction to cocaine addiction. She explains to me that her style of hypnosis is not all about relaxing down into a comfortable place visualising a meadow. In fact it is far from it, as she uses a protocol that means her clients are directly guided into hypnosis to understand the devastating consequences of continuing to practice the addiction. Creating a strong aversion to the presenting addiction is a major part of her treatment plan, before planting into her clients mind that they are now letting go of the addictive behaviour, and bringing in a new positive way of living.

Sports people have always recognised the power of their mind so I catch up with Alice Pinion who specialises in sports performance. She explains that she helps sports people experience the hypnotic trance like state by using deep relaxation and then gets them to focus on bringing the best sporting memories to the forefront of their mind. When asked about negative experiences she explains to me that worries are pushed away, in other words mentally dissociated from the unconscious mind. What follows is strong guided imagery and positive inner dialogue that evidently helps the sportsperson think like a champion.

As my journey continues I want to speak with a Hypnotherapist that specialises in fertility so I connect with Sally Reeves. Can hypnotherapy really assist with conception? Well it would seem so. Sally explains to me that her goal is to always help women reduce their level of anxiety so that they have more chance to conceive, and strengthen the belief of their own sense of fertility. Sally's natural enthusiasm to help women make their dream come true is pretty special and she affirms my thought that often it is important to clear away any emotional issues such as childhood trauma that may be getting in the way of conception. Sally's work feels very special. Helping a woman to conceive must deliver the most amazing job satisfaction.

I complete my discussions with Debbie Holden, a specialist weight management Hypnotherapist who focuses upon understanding the underlying reasons for weight gain so that she can work on them with her clients and then move forward to help them reduce their weight. It sure is a nice place to finish as I reaffirm the power of hypnosis in helping to reduce obesity.

What really strikes me as I complete my week is the whole genius of hypnosis. I am reminded of the vast array of conditions it can help treat, and the passion there is out in the field from many professional Hypnotherapists to help desperate members of the public change their lives. My conclusion is strong. We are what we think.