01/04/2014 08:26 BST | Updated 31/05/2014 06:59 BST

Why Most Therapists Need One Themselves

I am often stunned at the quality of some 'therapists'.

Not only do some look drab but their personality would not inspire the thirsty to drink water. Perhaps I expect too much at times, but to think some of these bland and possibly screwed up folk are helping others raises alarm bells in my mind. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of sharp, sorted, and sane therapists out there, but I do question why some of them chose it as a career. Personally I think many entered the profession to sort out their own head first, and whist there is nothing wrong with that, I do think there are many who still carry their own mental baggage which unconsciously may be dumped on their clients.

Given there is little regulation in my world of hypnotherapy, I am an advocate of all trained practitioners taking quality time out to receive a treatment themselves every few months. Let's face it we are all fallible and need to get stuff off our chests from time to time so that we can move forward and do good work with our clients. A few weeks ago I took time out of my busy schedule to meet with Dan Regan a fellow Hypnotherapist who conducted a session of hypnotherapy and co-coaching with me. Not only did this provide me with a great opportunity to receive a session of hypnosis from a top hypnotherapist, but it also allowed me to experience what my clients experience. This benefitted me immensely as I was able to sharpen up my focus, let go of unnecessary stress and top up my energy.

For those considering any form of therapy it is another question to ask when enquiring. The last thing someone wants when they are in a bad place is to sit and work with a therapist who is experiencing related problems themselves, or who is about as inspiring as grey clouds on a wedding day. The days of therapists hiding behind their qualifications has to go because we can all read the books. Now is the time the regulators should be stepping in and ensuring a therapist is themselves sorted before they are let loose on a vulnerable client.

What do you think?