02/10/2017 13:21 BST | Updated 02/10/2017 13:21 BST

Party Conference Marks May's Last Stand

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

With reports of Cabinet infighting increasing, and speculation of a potential leadership challenge mounting, the pressure facing the Prime Minister ahead of her key note speech to party conference this Wednesday is reaching fever pitch.

To address these issues, and to help remedy the discontent surrounding her Premiership, May first needs to address the perception of her administration as a zombie government, stumbling from one crisis to another. She needs to set out a vision. A vision for her Government. True, we've seen recent token gestures. Her bid to stem the tide of young people switching to Labour represented a vague attempt at this. But, the belief that by pledging to freeze the upper rate of tuition fees at £9,250 will somehow win her favour with young people and stem the tide of the youth vote bolstering Labour is laughable. By seeking to emulate the Labour Party and their reputation as the political Santa Clause, dolling out free goodies, serves only to highlight how ill-suited this administration is to Government. Rather than being led by Labour, the Conservatives need to tread their own path and roll out a truly Conservative vision for the future.

The second urgent priority is to get tough with Brussels on Brexit. May's speech in Florence hit the right note needed for polite diplomatic circles. Yet, like so many speeches written for Britain's recent Prime Ministers, it lacked that essential clause that will make EU leadership stand up and worry. It lacked the language of sheer, bloody determination that we will stand up for Britain's interest. The language EU politicos know is a character of the British and makes them finally understand we mean business. 

EU negotiators make Machiavelli look like the basket-holder at a guillotine convention. They believe there is no other way other than the EU way. You must obey EU principles because they are the only right principles. If you don't show solidarity, that much abused word of consensus, then the EU will use all its weapons to hurt you.

This is the message the Greeks got when an elected, radical government thought in times of strife the EU would be its friend and guide it to safety. 

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has warned: "Britain will be made an example of, any recalcitrant government who steps outside of the modus vivendi will be crushed". 

That is why Theresa May needs to stand firm this Wednesday and not waiver in her commitment to leaving the EU and in doing so must again act on Varoufakis' advice: "Simple logic dictates of you are not willing to leave the negotiation don't enter one."

She must commit to her Lancaster house speech and make clear that Britain will not be held to ransom, as Greece, Ireland and Cyprus were, and accept any duff deal. She must emphasise that any more EU posturing, delay and threats will be met by the UK leaving without a deal and trading on WTO rules.

We shouldn't be scared of exiting the negotiations without a trade deal. It would be right to be scared 40 years ago when trade tariffs were high, but now the global landscape could not be more different. Dozens of countries trade with the EU under WTO rules, including the USA. We will still continue to trade with the EU outside of the Single Market, yet have the freedom to penetrate new global markets.

This is a view uttered by some of our leading business leaders such as Sir James Dyson.

In fact, I'd argue that we would actually be in a far better position to negotiate a trade deal with the EU once we have completely severed ties with them.

Theresa May is now in favour of a transitional phase - beginning almost three years after 17.2million people voted to leave. This would leave us in the worse of all positions. We would still be paying into the EU budget, still have free movement for EU citizens, still be abiding by EU law and regulation without having an internal representation, still be subject to the European Court of Justice and will be prevented from signing new trade deals.

This would leave us still chained to the crippling EU, while not being able to peruse the immense opportunities that Brexit presents. This would be a true Zombie Brexit.

No sane patriot would want this. The hard-core remainers want it, because they don't want us to leave full stop. They only have their own interests at heart, not the pride of our nation. They are doing the EU's dirty work for them.

Looking at the current political climate, I and every other Brexiteer reserve the right to be concerned. 'Strong and Stable' are hardly by-words for Theresa May's government right now. Tie in that with the next General Election date of 2022, this is seriously worrying.

What happens if Theresa May resigns or is pushed out? What happens if the transition period takes us through to the next General Election? With the traitorous Labour Party now softening its tone since its manifesto, the door to the UK abandoning the referendum mandate is opening wider.

Since we joined the EU decades ago, we have been net contributors to the EU budget. We have put in hundreds of billions of pounds, why should the British tax payer fork out more money, when we have no legal obligation to do so?

Of course at home there are plenty of critics of the prime minister. They seek to isolate and pick off the main players and sow mistrust between them. It is tough to stand up and fight a just cause when the enemy circles in their last stand, are throwing all they have before they fall exhausted, extirpated and defeated. 

Brexit is the catalyst for a democratic and economically bright future. It is our third economic and democratic revolution. Now we need the final push from our government to deliver it. All eyes should be on the Prime Minister this Wednesday. We should keep our fingers crossed.