08/02/2017 07:43 GMT | Updated 07/02/2018 05:12 GMT

The Unheard Voices Of Gaza's Deaf Children

Palestinian deaf children in Gaza want to be heard and given the right to have necessary treatment which can help them to effectively integrate in society.

Due to the implications of the Rafah border and barriers that prevent Gazan families from travelling in and out the country, deaf children are unable to get the treatment they so desperately require. Heartbreakingly, due to the vast unemployment level in Palestine many parents are unable to afford treatment for their children.

Middle East Eye's, Isra Namey who wrote about a father's plight to get his daughters' treatment for their hearing found that "costs for the operation range between $25,000 to $30,000, in addition to another $10,000 for travel and rehabilitation expenses".

These costs are uncalled for, giving the fact that parents in Gaza are helpless and would not have sufficient funds to spend that amount even if they so desperately wanted to do so. Therefore, more attempts should be made to facilitate funds for families of deaf children in Gaza so that they can rehabilitate their lives and get the medical attention they deserve.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has brought about an unprecedented number of fatalities which have impacted Palestinian children mentally and physically. The psychological impact of the war would have significantly contributed to a significant fear in children living amongst the brutality of a war.

Power cuts would make it difficult for deaf children to communicate in sign language due to the darkness and this would have made them feel more isolated.

A report from Middle East Monitor stated that, "the biggest fear felt by the deaf children in Gaza is the fear of losing their arms and hands, as that it their only means of communication, so that scared them the most. They had always hoped if something were to happen to them, that they would be martyred immediately rather than lose their arms, because if they did, they would have no way of communicating with the outside world".

It is hoped that there would be more implementation of support services such as the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children which aims to support deaf children in Palestine. Despite the ongoing conflict which disrupts the lives of many children in Palestine, the children in Gaza still have a smile upon their faces. NGO's such as Atfaluna can help keep deaf children smiling and support them through their innovative range of services to help both parents and children in Palestine.