deaf children

"My son comes home very tired because he’s just concentrating so hard."
The Department for Education says that children only get one shot at an education, but so far we’ve seen absolutely nothing from them to make sure no deaf child ends up being left behind
'It’s appalling that cuts like this can be made when the services are a complete lifeline.'
We recently launched a campaign for British Sign Language to be taught in every school in the UK - and as we celebrate the
Children's audiology may not be at the top of the political agenda but mandatory inspections of quality are absolutely essential. This simple change could make a huge difference to ensuring thousands of deaf children get the right support, right from the start.
Did it all go according to plan? No! Did we stick to the schedule? Absolutely not. But we did it! Aside from creating something that will hopefully be thought provoking and shine a much needed light on access to education - It just feels great to have taken an idea from conception and seen it right through to the end.
I believe characters in stories should be as diverse as the people who read them, but only a very small handful of children's books feature a deaf character. There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK. Most are born to hearing parents and go to mainstream schools where they may be the only deaf child, so they can feel quite isolated.
Palestinian deaf children in Gaza want to be heard and given the right to have necessary treatment which can help them to
Imagine a world where nearly two thirds of children were leaving school without getting good GCSEs. Parents would rightly be furious that their child hadn't got the right support at school. There would be outrage and a clamour for urgent action. But when it comes to deaf children, this is the reality that we face.
A rogue strain of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine has been proven to have caused deafness in at least two children
The choir was founded on a shoestring and has been run on a shoestring ever since. A week since the opening ceremony, a wave of public interest has engulfed them.
Pardon? Excuse me? Eh? If you are forever being told to turn the TV down, regularly ask for a question to be repeated three