23/01/2013 08:21 GMT | Updated 24/03/2013 05:12 GMT

David Walliams Drops by School Ahead of New Role as Chemistry Teacher

Exciting news reaches us from Southwest London. David Walliams, comedy actor, charity swimmer extraordinaire and children's author, is preparing for a new lead role as a science teacher in a BBC sitcom about secondary school life.

Walliams, we understand, has even gone so far as visiting one or two such institutions to get a flavour of what it's really like at the chalkface, ahead of filming what is provisionally titled Autumn Leaves.

The Little Britain star, who is co-writing the series, dropped by Richmond Park Academy on Friday where he sat in on a PE lesson, a drama lesson and a science lesson.

The programme will apparently feature a dysfunctional staffroom and an irascible head, neither of which are modelled on Richmond Park, we hasten to add.

Similarly, those who know Richmond Park tell us that it bears no resemblance to the school in Autumn Leaves, which the Beeb describes as "Grange Hill meets Remains Of The Day".

The new show follows in the footsteps of Bad Education, in which "posh" comedian Jack Whitehall played a history teacher.

Whatever next? Bill Bailey playing a geography teacher? At least he wouldn't need a wardrobe budget.