17/12/2015 05:46 GMT | Updated 16/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Tips for Achieving Weight Loss Goals Through Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of giving, receiving and celebrating the birth of baby Jesus with family and friends. Unfortunately for those trying to lose excess body fat over this period our celebrations often include rich, indulgent food, and instead of getting that warm, fuzzy excited feeling approaching the holiday they often feel anxiety and gloom.

The thought of you having to eat a restricted meal while watching all your loved ones enjoy a feast is sad enough even if you have the willpower to achieve it. From personal experience the depression about missing out, in this way, has even caused me to overeat at a later time. But who can blame us for our fears when some studies show an average Christmas dinner can contain as much as 7,000 calories.

In light of that figure perhaps we all need to smother our potatoes in a little less goose fat!

Even so should we really be so worried about one indulgent meal, once a year? Perhaps yes, if we eat like that for the whole week, but not if you use this time to learn valuable self-control methods! You see weight-loss over Christmas doesn't have to be a mission-impossible, in fact get ready to be pleasantly surprised by the professional advice given to us from my good pal Personal Trainer Paul Cheesman in a new episode of PT Pause.

There are a lot of ways to fall down at Christmas time. But on Christmas Day I advise people to just enjoy themselves. - It's Important to have a mental break...

Having successfully lost body fat through two consecutive Christmases and New Years myself I can definitely say that it is achievable and easier than you are imagining! So in the season of giving, here are my personal Top 4 Christmas Weight Loss Tips.

So whatever you do please don't stress and worry about this day or meal, just relax enjoy and celebrate the New Year and New You.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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