21/02/2017 07:06 GMT | Updated 22/02/2018 05:12 GMT

29 Years And Counting - Why I'm Sharing My Body Confidence Story With You

You might be asking yourself..."what's the purpose of this" or "why is he telling me this?"

Truth be told I hesitated to write this, it's very personal to me and contains things I've never really told anyone before; things about how I feel about my body, the internal battle that rages and the struggles I've had.

It wasn't easy to write and when I think back to a few years ago, I know there is no way I would have written this. However, I've come a long way since then, mentally and physically and I now realise the importance of sharing this.

This is me saying I want guys to talk more openly about their bodies and the way they feel. To feel un-judged, unashamed and unafraid to speak out about their hopes, dreams and fears.

The knowledge that I could help you by doing this overrides any reservations I had about writing this post and sending it out into the world for you to see.

To start we need to go back but first I want to share with you the struggle.

The Struggle

I would constantly compare myself to other people.

It drove me crazy but I'd be unable to stop. It was like trying to get off a rollercoaster once it's started, only you're not sure this rollercoaster will ever stop.

I'd get so swept up in how I stacked up against other people. I judged everyone continuously; are they fitter than me, stronger than me, leaner than me? On and on I'd go with no thought of circumstance or situation.

At times, I felt like I'd spent so long in the pursuit of the 'ideal' body, as it's sold to us, and yet it was still so far away. I went through a continual series of ups and downs, experiencing my share of setbacks and restarts.

All the while desperately pushing to reach this holy grail of physical fitness, you know, big arms, six pack abs, a wide back, round shoulders and a square chest. Oh, and don't forget the athletic legs.

On almost a daily basis I'd question whether it was worth it, never sure I was doing the right thing or eating the right amount. I felt lost in a sea of information, desperately clinging to the idea of reaching this 'ideal' body in my attempts not to drown in it all.

To top it off, being a Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor, I felt like everyone had this expectation of how I should look and when I took my shirt off and they saw me I would fall short. It was as if I was living a lie, caught in between how I actually looked and what people thought I should look like.

So, I hid safely behind my clothes where no one could tell what I looked like for sure.

This is the struggle and I lived this life for a long time.

What can you do?

Read my story and join me on my journey to show all guys that they're not alone, that we all go through these struggles and that it's ok to talk about.

Join me as I break down the barriers of needing to 'man up' or 'tough it out' and let everyone know that talking and sharing isn't weakness, it's strength...

...that words have the power to change and silence serves no one.

Connect with me to learn more.