11/06/2012 07:26 BST | Updated 08/08/2012 06:12 BST

Ain't Nothing but a Label

Gay. Straight. Bisexual. Lesbian. Racist. Evil. Holy. Good. Bad

How many labels do you hear each day? What about the numerous labels you place upon yourself throughout the day? It seems that today's society is made up of endless classifications and identifiers, but are they helping us or are they simply restricting our soul progression?

In the past there was a need for people to proudly reveal an aspect of their personality and proclaim... "I AM...", that this was part of the soul journey to express their truth. Recently the Spirit has explained to me that this time is now passing and we as a global consciousness are ready to evolve beyond it.

Think about the soul, it is a package of true life essence/God source/Universal love, slightly separated from the larger whole for the purpose of understanding the journey of separation to reunification, then anchored into a human vessel. This is to expand the parameters of the journey to include unification from physical form into energetic form. Obviously this is no small feat, but the soul has its own guidance system to guide the way.

The soul's energy is infinite and beyond the physical realm, the idea of everlasting energy is still a concept many humans cannot get their consciousness around. Enough of the mechanics of the soul and its purpose in the human form - that is a lengthy topic for another time. I want you to consider this idea of how powerful and limitless even the smallest aspect of this 'God source' energy is. Then while it is in a human experience it is forced into these restrictive vessels, and then our ego selves create labels to further box its infinite nature in.

The ideas are completely contradictory, the nature of the soul is to ever expand, absorb data and experience, and simply grow in the direction which the energy takes it. The human experience is to grow to the point of understanding one's self, creating a clear picture of what is pleasing and not pleasing. Formulating a system which classifies exactly what that life is about. I am straight, I am a brain, I am an African American. Etc (please note: I am not these things, it is merely an example)

The term I AM is a divine concept, connecting into the true nature of your soul. The spirit has told me we should adopt a language of 'I LIKE' to replace it in often cases. For example; I AM STRAIGHT, could be translated into I LIKE the romantic company of male/females.

Play with some examples and see if you can feel the shift in energy. One blocks the flow, and the other opens it up. Since your soul is anything but restrictive, it is a way for you to express a truth far beyond your current perception.

We are so much more than the labels and limitations we have decided we are. These things which 'ARE' in this life, are simply for now, they are not forever. So let the energy flow through you rather than be directed with an iron fist as when you classify and label.

It will be an amazing time when a person you meet will be able to describe their experience as the following:

"I like men romantically; this vessel is of Caucasian mixed Greek descent. My mission this lifetime is to deliver Spiritual truth and educate other souls on the nature of the Spirit. Hi, I call myself Todd."

Don't get caught up in what is only one life - one life of many. Your soul is craving its ability to flow freely through experience, using I LIKE rather than I AM allows you to continue your natural urge, to expand. Then when you use I AM you will feel the powerful affirmation which emanates out to the Universe.