Brandt Jean's gesture was described as "an amazing act of healing and forgiveness that is rare in today's society ... especially for many of our leaders."
Our feelings of alienation, in what can feel like an alien nation, if we admitted to them, are the things that unite us. We can feel lost, shut out or misunderstood and pretend to have hay fever on the bus when overwhelming thoughts demand a dab of the eye and a honk of the nose.
Healing developmental trauma is this all consuming maze that I'm walking through, where nobody has a map for, because no healing maze is the same. People can offer insights into their own experiences, they can offer me a look at my map from where they're sitting, but no-one (except myself) can tell me exactly which roads to go down to heal.
I speak from experience. I am a great magnet for stress-related illness. So in order to make sure my ageing body doesn't crumble into a pile of jittering nerve endings I try to look after myself in a very lazy, non-committal way. So here are some things busy people forget to do, which might make you feel less shitty.
"There are many religions in this country and yet the CRL is only attacking the Christian faith" says Pastor Mboro.
This week I really want to write about something that is very misunderstood but very widespread. I've suffered with anxiety for a few years now, over half my life and was officially diagnosed after having Harry. I've always been a 'worrier' and an 'over thinker' but the thoughts became poisonous and consuming.
The first was the London-based 10k for which I had a place. Even at 61 I'm still competitive and I'm always looking to run personal bests so gigging the night before and getting to bed at 1am probably wasn't the best preparation!
I eventually went to see an ENT specialist at the Royal in Belfast called Dr D'Arcy who was brilliant and immediately recognised the state I was in. He referred me onto a hearing therapist called Mary Mitchell. I think together they went some way to saving my life as I'm not sure what I would have done without their help.
My divorce broke down the shackles of the captivity of my own heart and mind and facilitated an overdue transition to true freedom to learn, live and love.
Of all the spiritual and ancient holistic practices you might see making a comeback, there is one beautifully cleansing wood I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about. A renewed interest in these traditions means you may or may not be familiar with a little something known as palo santo.